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7 Types of Travelers you’ll Meet on your Holiday

By October 22, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Have you been on a group trip and realized that every traveller wants to do different things in seven days? If someone wants to have a staycation, then the other wants to go hiking. Such occurrences happen because there are different types of travellers everywhere you go. Let’s take a look at them to find out which type of traveller you are!

The Holiday Makers

This type of traveller typically plans out their vacations around mutually agreed work holiday schedules; they tend not to worry about the destination as long as it differs from their norm. They try to get away at least twice a year for the long holidays. For them, travel is the ultimate stress buster!

Functional traveller

The archetypal functional traveller is your regular business traveller. They aim at shooting two birds with one aim- visiting a new destination simultaneously, attending to their commitments. Here, travel is a necessary means and not the ultimate goal itself.

The Backpackers

They quite literally travel far and travel light. These nomadic travellers refuse to follow specific rules and be burned with convention. Hopping on to the next most exciting opportunity available is their travel mantra. Ironically, as much as they hate sticking to any routine and like to be seen as free spirits, they’re very easily identified by the standard tool – their backpacks!

The Thrill Seekers

Want to jump off a cliff (with a harness, of course)? Travel with an adrenaline junkie who will motivate you to do it. These daredevils are always travelling far and wide to find the tallest mountain, the highest bungee jump and pretty much everything extreme. You will not find these people checking out the infinity pool at the hotel. Instead, they’ll be wandering off in search of the next thrilling adventure.

The Gap Year Traveller

You would typically expect backpackers here, but instead of moving about, they decide to head off to a new destination and stay there for an extended period like a whole year. They are primarily defined by their plan of spending time away from home- a backpack or a fully packed suitcase to volunteer, experience a different culture, and live & work among locals; it doesn’t matter. As long as they’re learning something new, they love it!

The Frequent Weekenders

They defy the rules of holiday makers and move out at every single opportunity available. They are financially stable and understand that they are paying for the passion for travelling on weekends. Making every moment count is their ultimate aim.

The Groupies

You will always find them in packs; these individuals are the life and soul of the party wherever they go. They prefer travelling in a group but won’t just limit themselves, if a solo trip is required, they’ll go for it. They make the most of every holiday and enjoy a diverse range of experiences on their travels.

There you have it! Some people might fit into one category, while others might see versions of them in several types. My question to you is- which one are you?

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Priya Dubey

A wanderer of sorts. Always on the lookout for a new adventure. Not able to decide if I like the journey more or the destination. I share my stories so someone can find their own!

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