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Simple. Beautiful. Magical.


Who We Are?

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Mumbai, we are a small group of passionate people who intend to solve problems of travellers by building simple and magical interfaces - which saves travellers a bunch of time and effort in their travel planning, booking and organising. And with natural experiences, comprehensive information, convenient & unobstructed design, put together, Aertrip is the easiest way for people to book their travel.

What We Do?

As avid travel enthusiasts, we know the challenges that people face when trying to choose and book the perfect flight or hotel. "Choice" is great to have, but too much of it can be overwhelming. Isn't it always great to have someone help us suggest and choose? At Aertrip, we do all the hard-work and thinking for our customers and help them find their preferred options faster. And when booking via Aertrip, our customers can be most assured and decisive that they have taken the best decision after considering all available options without any hassle. Aertrip always offers great deals transparently - So there are no additional taxes or hidden costs added to the prices customers see from the very beginning.

What's Next?

Aertrip has only begun and shall continue to offer the best solutions by innovating and solving the minutest of traveller's problems and also offer a diverse range of travel products to become a one-stop travel solution for travellers around the world.



    Make things ridiculously easy


    Build intuitive and modern interfaces that just work.


    Enhance every pixel to delight


    Do the hard work. So you don't have to


    Do the hard work. So you don't have to

  • FAST

    Enable speed in user actions and interactions


    Deliver customisable tailored experiences


    Ensure your information stays private and secure


    Auto-organise for you, and put you in total control


    Fuse together many ideas, which in unison create a great experience


    Make support reachable, because we all have questions sometimes


    Make support reachable, because we all have questions sometimes


    Empower travellers with the right tools and info to find the options that suit them


    Offer a variety of travel products. So Aertrip can be your travel destination


In our team we have the brains, talent, skill, hard work, passion & persistence. But most importantly, we have the willingness to offer honest solutions to our customers.

  • Luvkesh Agarwal

    Founder & CEO
  • Ajay Agarwal

    MD, CFO
  • Dhiraj Bastwade

    Head of Technology

One common vision drives us, motivates us. Every day. And mostly, every night.

Talk about

  • Simplicity
  • Technology
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

Do the best work of your lives. Bring delight to billions of travellers.

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