Your convenient online account.


  • Instant Refund
    Why wait for refunds? Get instant refunds after cancellations.
  • Pay your way
    Pay with your Wallet, credit card or a combination of the two.
  • Faster Bookings
    Make travel bookings instantly.
  • No Payment Failures
    100% guaranteed transaction success.
  • No Payment Failures
    100% guaranteed transaction success.
  • Exclusive Offers
    Get exclusive offers when you pay by Aertrip Wallet.
  • Safe & Secure
    Your Aertrip wallet is 100% safe and encrypted.

How does it work?

Cancelled Bookings
Earn Aertrip Credits through refunds from cancelled bookings and other sources.
Offers & Cash Backs
Earn Aertrip Credits through various offers as cash backs and rewards.
Make Payments
Use Aertrip Credits to make payments for travel bookings.
Booking Amount Exceeds
Pay using any other mode of payment if the booking amount exceeds your Wallet Balance.


What is Aertrip Wallet?

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